Course Synopsis:

1)    The importance of good access, and how to attain it

2)    How and why we can use nickel-titanium rotary files to consistently create shapes superior to hand instrumentation in fewer than five minutes

3)    How to achieve three-dimensional fills in significantly less time than with traditional lateral condensation

Course Description:

This is the second session of Rotary Instrumentation Technique Course, and focuses on the hands-on practical workshop. The course is designed for individuals who have familirity with rotary instrumentation of radicular system and would need additional hands-on trainng to reach competency level in the field. Participants are encouraged to bring in their own specimen. Plastic blocks are provided.

The hands-on component of the Rotary Instrumentation Technique Course consists of root canal preparations on plastic blocks. Participants may practice on extracted teeth. Participants who have extracted teeth, may also practice access opening and locating canals.

At the conclusion of these courses, participants should be comfortable using NiTi instruments in their own offices and critique various products on the market and choose one that suits their practice.

About Dr. Nima Dayani:

Dr. Nima Dayani has practiced endodontics for the past 17 years. He has served the New York City area from his practice, EOI – NYC, located in Midtown Manhattan. See his full biography.