Sedation Endodontist

Conscious IV Sedation & Dental Phobia:

If you are suffering from “dental phobia,” an unreasonable apprehension of dentistry, that has prohibited you from seeking dental care in the past, you may want to consider conscious sedation.

What is Conscious IV Sedation?

Conscious IV sedation is a procedure in which the patient receives medicine intravenously to calm them by inducing a sleep-like state. The sedatives can be very short-acting agents that allow the patient to remain conscious and breathing on their own. Some sedatives create a slight amount of amnesia while the patient is under the influence, so they are unlikely to remember any part of the procedure.

Who administers Conscious IV Sedation?

Conscious IV Sedation is administered in our office by a licensed specialist, called a dental anesthesiologist.

Who will benefit from Conscious IV Sedation?

While any patient who meets certain medical criteria can receive conscious IV sedation, we particularly recommend it for individuals who avoid seeing a dentist due to an unreasonable fear of dentistry.

Are there any alternatives to Conscious IV Sedation?

Yes, options such as oral sedation, anxiolytic agents, or nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas or sweet sire gas) can be effective adjuncts to ease patient apprehension.

How do I get specific information about Conscious IV Sedation that pertains to me?

Please call the office and we will arrange a consultation to evaluate your specific needs. After discussing them with you, including possible alternatives, we’ll discuss your case with the anesthetist.