Course Description:

Sleep apnea disorders: how to diagnose, what tools to use for diagnosis and what appliance a dentist could use to treat sleep apnea patient in his/her practice.This course will give you a better understanding of the vocabulary and treatment associated with sleep medicine, as well as help you to incorporate airway exams and treatment into your own practice.

Course Objectives:

In this 2 CE AGD-accredited course, you will learn which appliance you should use and when

1)    Diagnostic terminology: apnea, hypopnia, AHI index, Nadir, and others
2)    Sleep examination and records: How to read a sleep study and what sleep studies are available
3)    Dental signs and symptoms
4)    How to read a CT SCAN in order to diagnose the sleep apnea
5)    Sleep disorder and bruxism: Better understand the connection between nighttime bruxism and sleep apnea
6)    Promoting and maintaining health with proper appliance: types of appliances, indications and contraindications
7)    Titration of the appliances

About Dr. Valentina Lyssova:

Dr. Valentina Lyssova received her DDS degree from New York University College of Dentistry in 2005. She completed her postgraduate prosthodontic training at New York University College of Dentistry in 2008.
Dr. Lyssova earned a maxillo-facial prosthodontist specialist degree at theMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and completed her fellowship in implant surgery at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine.