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Endodontics, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Rehabilitation of New York City
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4.9 793 reviews
4.9 793 reviews
Shameka Heber
This doctor is a top notch specialist and is extremely knowledgeable. I was a referral from another clinic. I experienced the worse tooth pain 3 days before the scheduled birth of my baby. Not only did Dr. Dayani address the matter right away when other clinics could not, he also took the time to advise me very late in the evening while I was at the hospital. I successfully delivered my baby without the added stress and oral pain thanks to his expertise.
  • Heber, Shameka (2022, October). [Online electronic Word of Mouth - eWOM] Retrieved October 6, 2022 from Google Cached Review
Brian Gaudet
Lady at the front desk always has the biggest smile on her face. She’s always so positive, even though it’s just her and the doctor there. Will forever go there.
  • Gaudet, Brian (2022, January). [Online electronic Word of Mouth - eWOM] Retrieved January 5, 2022 from Google Cached Review
Teresa Chen
I would highly recommend Dr. Dayani and this practice for all my friends and family members! I came to Dr. Dayani for a second opinion on an Endodontic concern. From answering my questions regarding the practice, to scheduling the appointment, to evaluating my teeth and offering his recommended treatment plan, Dr. Dayani was very thorough and clear in communication. It’s obvious he has a lot of experience, and was able to steer the visit - I felt taken care of with him and his assistant. He asked me to bring in historical X-rays, something my previous doctor did not mention, and it helped make the visit very efficient and problem oriented. I tend to have a lot of mistrust with dentists but I felt very safe with him. Even though after the consultation it was decided I didn’t need any treatment, I would gladly return to him when I do. Thank you Dr. Dayani for addressing my oanxieties and fears and for you expertise!
  • Chen, Teresa (2021, November). [Online electronic Word of Mouth - eWOM] Retrieved November 14, 2021 from Google Cached Review
Svein Berg
I've been to Dr. Dayani's office three times for root canals, and while a root canal is never an enjoyable experience, I must say I am very happy I chose this office. Dr. Dayani is a highly skilled endodontist, he has a clean and modern office and his staff is very friendly and pleasant to deal with. The procedure was painless, and I didn't even need the pain killers he gave me for when the numbness wore off. A great plus was that he accepted my mediocre insurance, which other dentists wouldn't even look at. I hope I won't have any more need of root canal treatments, but if I do I will be back. Highly recommended!
  • Berg, Svein (2021, June). [Online electronic Word of Mouth - eWOM] Retrieved June 14, 2021 from Google Cached Review
William Kay
Dr. Dayani is an excellent Endodontist. He performed a complicated root canal and saved my tooth. Thank You!
  • Kay, William (2021, March). [Online electronic Word of Mouth - eWOM] Retrieved March 12, 2021 from Google Cached Review
Anthony Kenyatta Means
First off they entire staff is ultra friendly. I mean the genuinely sincere type friendliness. They actual oral team works together seamlessly with the dentist. The dentist is obviously brilliant. It's not what he says it's what he didn't say that let's you know that he knows... the Classical music is soothing you in the background also. I had a root canal and let me tell you... it really was enjoyable.
  • Kenyatta, Anthony (2021, March). [Online electronic Word of Mouth - eWOM] Retrieved March 9, 2021 from Google Cached Review
Max Basch
Dr. Dayani and the staff at EOI were extremely professional, friendly, and helpful. They took the time to explain each part of the process and I experienced no pain during my root canal. Paperwork and insurance was a breeze which I was especially thankful for. The facility is spotless and seems completely up to date as well. 10/10 would go back (but hopefully not any time soon).
  • Basch, Max (2021, March). [Online electronic Word of Mouth - eWOM] Retrieved March 3, 2021 from Google Cached Review
Anna Campagniolo
Every single office member and doctor, are the definition of amazing service. I’ve never been to an office with such truly caring, thorough, and intelligent individuals. They are defiantly an all-star team for your dental needs.
  • Campagniolo, Anna (2021, March). [Online electronic Word of Mouth - eWOM] Retrieved March 1, 2021 from Google Cached Review
nina evangelista-senados
Dr Dayani is great, very knowledgeable and thorough about my root canal procedure. His staff were nice and I felt very comfortable with them. I didn't feel any discomfort during and after the procedure. Thank you for taking care of my problem.
  • evangelista-senados, nina (2021, February). [Online electronic Word of Mouth - eWOM] Retrieved February 25, 2021 from Google Cached Review

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